Sekolah Sungai

The majority of the community at the riverbank areas are considered vulnerable in terms of economic disadvantage, prone to natural disasters and pollution.

Sekolah Sungai is our program that is targeted to the community at three riverbanks in Yogyakarta namely Kricak, Gajah Wong, and Code. At Sekolah Sungai, we focus our activities on Health and Environmental Campaign, Community Engagement, and Community Development. The program’s beneficiaries are broad from children to adult community members. We implement different programs at each location based on their needs and potentials. For the implementation of programs, we work together with other organizations, universities, and private sectors. 

Few examples of programs we implement at Sekolah Sungai including: 

  • Community-based tourism
  • Urban farming
  • Water and sanitation campaign
  • Environment and disaster resilience campaign