Emergency Shelter and Legal Support for Detention Cases

At present, there are over 85,000 refugees in Greece, who have escaped disaster, only to find themselves either imprisoned or held in detention centres. One third of these are children, including unaccompanied children being detained in adult prisons. Without assistance from organisations like Goodwill Caravan, these families and individuals will remain indefinitely in this frightening and dangerous environment.

This situation exists because all refugees require a known address, which many of them don’t have and imprisoning them or placing them in detention centres is currently the method used in order to give them an address. These families are imprisoned for no other reason than arriving on the borders of Greece and asking for asylum with no known address or financial means to shelter themselves.

The Goodwill Caravan Legal Office supports vulnerable refugees with asylum support. We support detention release cases, especially for women and children/unaccompanied children and minors, who have been separated from their parents due to death, drowning or a multitude of other terrible things which all too often happen along the refugee trail.

By offering shelter, Goodwill Caravan can provide families and individuals imprisoned in detention centres with the required legal address they need,  in a much safer environment compared to detention centres.

Once Goodwill Caravan adopt a vulnerable family’s case file we support them every step of the way until they are safely handed over to UNHCR housing or are legally flown out of Greece with the ‘Family Relocation Program’, to be reunited with family members in Europe etc.

Having spent a lot of time petitioning and demonstrating our professionalism; Goodwill Caravan now has full authorisation from the Greek authorities to be able to release vulnerable refugees that have been imprisoned and identify unaccompanied children so as to accommodate them in the GWC shelters with the, support of our excellent partner, Children of Adam.

Our legal team visits prisons and detention centres monthly as well as responding to SOS calls from mothers that have lost their children.

We strive to save as many vulnerable children and families as we can but we are restricted by the available funds.  Interested in helping us help more people in need?