GWC Accompaniment Service

Following a tragic set of circumstances where a baby passed away because an ambulance service refused to attend an emergency call in the middle of the night at a refugee camp due to having no interpreters; Goodwill Caravan began the Accompaniment Service.

Our Accompaniment Service helps to transport refugees from their camp to the local hospital so that they can access healthcare services. The service also helps them to take them to asylum services, that are not accessible by foot from the camps that are remotely located. Via this service, our aim is simple. We want to reduce the incidents of attempted suicides or worse, often due to feelings of hopelessness and endless waiting if they miss an asylum appointment or can’t access medical care. This is why our service is also available ‘after hours’ to respond to instances where local ambulances reject a call out due to lack of available interpreters to go to a remote refugee camp.

Goodwill Caravan’s Accompaniment Service is the only one of its kind in Athens.

This vital programme is only possible due to the support of our partner organisation; the Al Khair Foundation as well as support from a very kind donation in memory of Solidarity Symi Trustee, Wendy Wilcox.